Friday, May 18, 2012


                         (TORONTO POEM, FOR SHARON)
Lucky for you, you only have
A few more of the glazed lakefront
Unruffled skyline depictions to send

Faraway friends who can't wait
Home is another country you write to

And besides, notwithstanding
The memory, how much can you hope
To come back from, when it's been

Only me
      looking at you
And you
      looking so good

The wind is blowing, and I'm not writing this poem

I am living the looking-glass life, without blinking
Taking in all of a sky, though even now when it seems empty
It's never empty for long, because there is a live charge
Vast and expansive as ever touch tries to mimic
Worked and stitched into each daytime vista

Like a current you feel wherever you put your hand in the stream

The immediate shock guiding you through to wherever it goes
So it's there, and is meant to stay, on something your eyes once
They open like this can never shut out, it's no less partial or
Complete, as when you happen to hear a gull's offshore cry
Snatched as often as not from the wind, a running wave

Over the void, sonorous and resonant articulation
You and I fuse in the moment of a kiss

Vyt Bakaitis and the late Sharon Gilbert were married. See --
Urgent Life -- /

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