Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Well, I always despair.
Despaired twice yesterday.  

Suicide interrupted by joy.

Suicide interrupted by sleep:
I'm on a train, and it slows

and stops, and
the station placard reads:


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Blogger Michael Andre said...

The first three lines are a pseudo-haiku. They are all that remain of a multi-voiced ‘cubist’ poem written in Chicago in 1968. My other multi-voiced poems were collected as Jabbing the Asshole is High Comedy. I liked this particular pseudo-haiku so much that in 1975 I made it into a rubber-stamp for ‘Correpondance (sic) Art.’ The end of the poem was a 21st century dream: I dreamt I arrived in Reve. “Reve” is French for dream.

2:24 AM  
Blogger martin nakell said...


i have misplaced your email address. could you send it to me at thanks....martin

11:13 AM  

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