Sunday, January 03, 2016


The media lynching of Bill Cosby recalls O.J. Simpson 20 years ago. Things look bad for Cosby. He claims he is “skilled at interpreting female reaction to him.” But the lawyer for Andrea Constand, the sometime Temple basketball coach and designated victim, noted in a filing Cosby “did not realize [Constand] was gay until police told him.”  Even the guilty are occasionally lynched.

O. J. Simpson on the cover of Newsweek and Time. Time darkened the image, leading to controversy.

The last week of August 1968 was the most surprising of my life. I moved from the McGill Ghetto in Montreal to Hyde Park in Chicago. The tooth mother, as Robert Bly put it, was naked at last. It was not merely the riots in Lincoln Park. One night I thought I’d walk from the University of Chicago through the South Side ghetto to the site of the Democratic Convention. “Ghetto” in the United States differs significantly from “ghetto” in the rest of the world. If a white Hollywood star pulled the same shit as Cosby no one would know.



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