Sunday, January 17, 2016


At the New Year’s Peace Gathering Saturday night in the Princeton Chapel, pretty much everyone pounds a drum and chants Give Peace a Chance. Sprouts directly descended from those sprouts sold in 1969 at Woodstock are for sale here. Suspicious brownies. Sweet 16!

When Bill the First of the Clintons was King I taught creative writing to the US military in Europe. I didn’t love all my students. None were saints. Few had genius. My only Jewish student had genius. He was already in Europe playing semi-pro soccer when he joined the military. My other students were unhappy cases. He was comfortable in Europe. He was in special forces. Indeed he had to drop my course for a secret mission. He couldn’t say much but clearly he had to go shoot some people in Yugoslavia.

Bill the First Clinton conducted a brilliant foreign policy. The two Bushes ruined the world with war in Iraq. Bill the First doubtless loved Suspicious Brownies. Even Hillary the Second Clinton probably nibbled.  I myself have heard that Honey Slides were Even Better. Put honey and marijuana in a fry pan. Heat and eat. You feel peaceful.  


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