Wednesday, November 15, 2006

H.L. Mencken & the Citi what never naps

I’m hoping the new film, Fuck, will outdo Borat at the box office. Fuck is the first etymological flick. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Hollywood saw Webster for what he is--the greatest of plotmeisters needing the merest sprinkle of star power and a less than an indie-level production budget to fleece up the ass for an entire weekend that adolescent who is in fact every American? H.L. Mencken’s skull smiles happily in the grave.

The only thing cheerier in the news is Citi Field. Citibank is giving the New York Mets $400,000,000 to have their new ballpark called Citi Field for twenty entire years. By then, of course, Citibank may be gone, a victim of a misapprehension of how customers might interpret such a shrewd transaction. I know I’m withdrawing my money. Do people know the value of words? Or was it Mencken who advised, Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people?


Blogger Kirby Olson said...

I don't understand banks. Citibank, etc.

In Finland once while watching Seinfeld it became clear to me that the Finns in the room were giggling over the name "Chemical Bank." Jerry's great-aunt had an account with that bank and was befuddled by it.

The Finns thought that there was a joke (they would pronounce it choke) regarding the terminology of that bank.

But it still exists, doesn't it? How did it get its name?

Where are you going to redeposit your money? I suggest Chemical Bank.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Michael Andre said...

Chemical Bank was bought by Chase. Chase bought my AOL credit card. AOL stopped charging, except the Chase credit card kept charging for AOL. Every month I would complain to Chase, and usually after an hour or so they would admit that I was "disputing" the charge. Last Sunday I lost it; I was trying to cancel the card in a friendly manner while talking to someone in a call center in Phoenix. Then a supervisor in an Illinois call center got on the line, and tried to make me repeat the entire half-hour q & a. Her object was to make me change my mind. I got so angry I attempted to scissor the credit card while simultaneously cancelling it--and damn near scissored my finger off.

12:18 AM  

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