Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NEWS: the Pope, Bush and Torture

If the Pope apologizes for insulting Islam, is he still infallible? Of course, as The Times put it, it’s really a case of “German professor meets sound-bite culture.” And then there’s the “breathtakingly incompetent” view of my own Royal Canadian Mounted Police that Maher Arar was an Islamic radical, leading the Bush administration to ship him to Syria for torturing. Is Bush arguing that the US is above the Geneva accords so that he himself in the too-distant future will be spared indictment as a war criminal? Or will it happen soon enough? Where there's brouhaha in Washington, there's guile.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Fear is what quickens me, said James Wright. And me too. The news guys said Hurricane Ernesto was coming to New York. Yippee, I thought. I had planned to go to a Staten Island Yankees game with and a Labor Day party and like that. Instead Nature would destroy us All. Hooray! I’ve seen the Staten Island Ferry cancelled and the terminals flooded and looked forward to seeing it again. I hung out at the WTC Ground Zero for six months after 9/11. I’ve revealed the identity of CIA agents in the Small Press Review in an effort to embarrass George Bush. Things was serious again: The End was back! Yippee!

Unfortunately Tropical Depression Ernesto has amounted to a rainy day. The Small Press Review neglected to publish Part II of my investigations into the CIA. Part Three, concerning the life of a certain narc, thus remains unwritten. My friend got kicked out of the CIA for allowing Sal Allende to commit suicide; was he also the marksman who shot Che in Bolivia?

I’m not telling.