Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poets & Art Critics

Jeff Wright and Michael Andre will be giving a Poetry Reading Plus at Gallery in the Field, Brandon, Vermont, this Saturday 30 June at 4:00PM. Jeff and Michael also write art criticism; they will be introduced by Patt Cavanagh, a Vermont artist. The gallery is currently showing the collages of Matthew Rose. Matthew and Michael read together two years ago in Paris. The artist Fran Bull directs the readings and exhibitions at Gallery in the Field.

Gallery in the Field is located at 685 Arnold District Road just off route 7 in Brandon.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Who cares?

Approximately every hour Google or Blogger cancels my password. It has become extremely difficult to post. The trouble started when I reactivated my Verizon Internet service in Manhattan. Right now I'm on Staten Island using someone's WiFi. Someone must be paying someone for this. Some months ago I bought the computer, plugged it in here on Staten Island, and I was on-line. Meanwhile weird Verizon viruses haunt my Manhattan machine.

Sorry for this pseudo-technie digression. It's why I've stopped posting.

This morning I spotted a girl on the Staten Island Ferry whose T-shirt read: "No one cares about your blog." She was also on the afternoon boat, and she hadn't changed her clothes. She stood with her slogan.

And, as the little boy who lives next door would note, she was pretty.